Hi-Lift conversion

Elevate Your Garage with Liftmaster Side Opener and High-Lift Door Conversion! 

Struggling to fit your Tesla X in your garage? Tesla's Falcon doors hitting the overhead opener? Fantasizing about a car lift installation?

 Space-Saving Solution: Replace bulky overheads with the sleek Liftmaster side opener, freeing up your precious garage space. 

High-Lift Door Conversion: Elevate your space with an extra 12-15 inches or more of vertical room – perfect for storage or a car lift!

Ready to elevate your garage experience? Get the modern Liftmaster side opener installation for just $1099, and explore the high-lift door conversion option to revamp your existing garage. Elevate your garage now! 

What is Hi-lift TRACK?

A high-lift garage door optimizes your space by extending the door's track. This design allows the door to move along the wall and ascend higher before following the horizontal curve. Consequently, it maximizes the vertical space in your garage, providing a significant boost of 12 to 15 inches in headroom. This is achieved by positioning the garage door track closer to the ceiling.

The introduction of a high-lift garage door transforms the trajectory of the door's movement along the track. It essentially leads to the door ascending further before retracing its path. This shift in movement pattern places unique stress on the various components. As a result, specific parts must be adapted to accommodate this modified mechanism.